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The Gold City produces a wide range of instruments microprocessor DIN43700 standard containers


Format 48x48





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 A40000        Voltmeter with  DC input

 A40001        Voltmeter with input and output stabilized dc potentiometer

 A40002        Ampermeter input 60mV DC input

 A40004        Voltmeter  4-20 mA   DC input

 A40005        Voltmeter 0-20mA  DC input

 A40008        Voltmeter  DC input and Output stabilized for potentiometer with LED signal negative          

 A40010        Voltmeter AC F.S. 999 220Vac                                                       

 A40012        Amperometer AC  F.S. 999                                                                                          

 A40108        Voltmeter  F.S.99.9  with  offset trimmer +/-   

 A40300        Voltmeter +/10V DC input  display +/ 99
A60001	    Multifunction digital timer
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Format 48x96

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 B10002        Readouts with absolute count maintained by inputs with programmable count on

 B20001        Readouts with absolute count maintained by inputs with programmable count on

 B20002        ON-OFF positioner for rotary table
 B20003        Digital display with input frequency (9500Hz max.)                                 

 B20004        Meter ON-OFF outputs forward, backward, slow, pos.OK                                                

 B20005        Readouts with inputs and outputs of programmable comparison           

 B20006        Contacorse - counting with alarm management blade breakage                                       

 B20007        Meter Saw Blade with optimization of the race climb                    

 B20008        Measured by counting the absolute and two units of comparison. Storing 9 units                         

 B20009        Viewer count output comparison on a quota, counting and checking for broken hacksaw blade automati

 B20010        Browser comparison with inputs and outputs and programmable remote keyboard             

 B20011        Timer management machine chalks jewels                                   

 B20012        Timer for electromagnetic sieve                                                    

 B20013        2 TIMER 999 MINUTE                                                                    
 B20014	    Contaminated water purification plant                                       

 B30001        Amperminutameter with tote, part-unit counter, ammeter, timer and production-meter (FRANCESE)               

 B30002        Amperminutameter with tote, part-unit counter and ammeter, serial port 485 and analog output 

 B30006       Digital display with voltage input

 B30007        Timers sequential with analog ramp for electroplating plants
 B30009	    Viewer potentiometric microprocessor
 B30010	    Double-unit counter with preset and exit time
 B40000        Voltmeter +/ 15000 F.S. 10V  DC

 B40002        Amperometer  60mV input DC

 B40100        Voltmeter +/ 5000 F.S. 10V DC                                                    

 B50001        Viewer count with absolute and comparative outputs share maximum and minimum
 B50003        Readouts with absolute count maintained by inputs with programmable count on
 B50004         Viewer with absolute count and outputs the comparison of minimum and maximum quotas                            
 B60001        Amperminutameter with total unit counter, ampermeter, RS232C serial port                                                  
 B73002        microprocessor  pH-Meter/Rox-Meter with2 alarm output
 B80001	   Management unit for 2 pumps                    
 B90001	   Timer management machine chalks gold and flowmeters   
 BA0001	   Timer management machine chalks goldsmiths digital voltmeter and ampermeter programmable microprocessor. Electroplating industry and flowmeters
 BA0002	    Voltmeter and ampermeter with control of the threshold for intervention of short-circuit galvanic bath
 BA0003	   Partial Amperminutameter unit counter with totalizer
 BA0004	    Amperminutameter unit counter with partial totalizer and exit dose
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Format 72x144

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 C10001        Instrument control motor pumps to fire regulations UNI9490                                                  

 C10101        Instrument command motorpumps not standards                                                        
 C20001        Amperminutameter with total counter, part-unit counter, amperemeter, timer and product-meter

 C20002       Amperminutameter by setting V / ie automatic adjustment of the bath                                             

 C20003        pH-meter full optional                                                            
 C20005         by setting V / I and automatic adjustment of the bath with working recipe
 C20006	    Browning automatic regulator for implant             
 C20007	    Amperminutameter with automatic adjustment of the bath with 485 serial port for PC       
 C20008        Six unit counter with preset and exit time                                                                            

 C30001       Conductivity with regeneration cycle quartz or automatic filters   
 C40001	   Control unit to control 2 pumps + pilot or 3 pumps      
 C50003       Sequential timer with analog ramp for electroplating plants with 20 +20 programs (Volt-Ampere)           


R20003     Digital rectifier 10A 10V o 2A 40V
SERIES  S  & Q      Digital rectifiers  12Volt        50-250 Ampere


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 N001         Card for alarm breaking blade with socket Octal                                    

 N10000      SAPIR current voltage regulator
 N30701	Remote keyboard control rectifier, amperminutametro, with processing time, steps or ramps
 N40000	  Galvanic current to voltage regulator rectifier     

PC program

GHOUSE		Program to control plant electroforming

CONTROL PLANT     Program to control the physical and chemical plant acid preparation

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Other products

H400       Digital display 7-segment display digit height 110mm

B35001    Amperminutameter tape-controlled dosing pump

F10001    Frequency controller for pump color alert threshold

K60001    Electroforming machine for dental teeth

K30101    Machine gilding thickness for dental industry

AG0001   mixer with speed and temperature control


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