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Settore industrialeIndustry Sector

Settore GalvanotecnicoGalvanic Plant

Settore Trattamento AcqueWater treatment

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 Electronic instrumentation, Planning cards custom, Display devices, Measurers, RECTIFIER, Timer, Pump controls, Amperminutameters, pHmeters, Voltmeters, Ammeters, Controls regulation V/I, Kit regulation switching, Ramps for cataforesi, Programs of support for PC. Infrared bars of reading

NEW !!! R30001 Rectifier 12V 30A

the Gold City is a builder of electronic equipments with microprocessor. Been born in 1995 it elaborates, it plans and it produces instrumentation and software and you/he/she is specialized in the realization of products and services on specification of the Client (Custom).
The prevailing sectors in which Work is:
Industrial display device, measurers, Timer, Pump Controls ,to galvanic sector  Amperminutameters, Rectifier, Cataforesi ramps, Voltmeters, Amperometers, Control  regulation V/A, Dental Elettroplating and water treatment with PH-meters, conduttimeters that manages in automatic complete fittings; you program on PC for management complete fittings of purification and preparation Acid.

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