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The Gold City is a manufacturer of electronic devices with microprocessor.
Established in 1995, drawn, designs and manufactures instrumentation and software, especially on specific customer (Custom)

The mission..

Our mission is to deliver products and quality services at a reasonable cost, very reliable and efficient allowing "Improving the quality of work, to improve the quality of life" for our Customers, Employees and Suppliers.

About as..

We are a team that specializes in making products and services on specific customer (Custom). The sectors in which it operates are prevalent:

  1. Industry sector
    Display, Visualization, measurement, Timer, Control Pump
  2. Electroplating Industry
    Amperminutameters, Ramp Control for electrodeposition, Voltmeters, Amperemeters, controllers adjust V / A , Electro deposition
  3. Water treatment
    PH-meters and conductivity meters which operate automatically complete plants. Programs on the PC for complete management of treatment plants and preparation of acid.

The versatility of the Gold City pressed to design new hardware and developing software according to the specifications of the customer in order to obtain a product optimized for the intended.

The Production...

The instrumentation is based on microprocessor boards housed in containers under DN43700 panel. The identification code of each product follows a specific encoding rules described below :



0 0

0 1





  1. Letter identifying the type of box
    A :  box  type DIN43700 48 x 48
    B :  box  type DIN43700 48 x 96
    C :  box  type DIN43700 72 x 144
    D :  box  type DIN43700 72 x 72
    E :  box  type DIN43700 96 x 96
    F :  box  type DIN43700 96 x 96
    G :  box  70 x 55 for DIN guide
    H :  Big display or board
    M :  Custom machine
    N : Board without box or for DIN guide
    R :  Switching module into compact steel box
    S :  Switching module into steel box
    T :  Keyboard pannel  type DIN43700 144 x 144
    Q : Switching module into compact box and remote control keyboard
  2. ID number family Hardware
  3. Hardware ID number of a variant within the same family
  4. Identity number of software


The customer can find servicing the Gold City a valuable collaborator and problem solver application



Via Rovereto 37/M
36030 Costabissara (Vicenza)
P.Iva. 02478190248

E-mail address Main address Secondary address  purchasing department address billing address





Property Information

The information is proprietary. All rights reserved.

 This material may not be reproduced in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Gold City snc. The use of documentary material is permitted only to the client to which the same has been provided as a kit of the apparatus, and only for purposes of installation, operation and maintenance apparatus to which the manual refers.

Gold City snc certify that the information contained in these manuals are congruent with the technical and security apparatus to which the manual applies, the manufacturer assumes no liability for any direct or indirect references to people, things or animals resulting from the misuse of manual or equipment.

Gold City s.n.c. reserves the right to make changes or improvements without prior notice to the manuals and equipment



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Updated : novembre 20, 2014.